Changing the paradigm

'We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them' – Albert Einstein

EnSoul Organisation – Business Model

Our business model is one where everyone is valued for their contribution.

This means that there is no 'head' reaping the majority of reward, but a heart based organisation, sharing in collective abundance. Everyone's effort and part in the EnSoul organisation is seen as equal and equivalent to each other.

In practice this works with net income being split between the EnSoul team members in direct relation to the 'unit' input. For instance, if net monthly income was $20,000, then the remuneration might be:

Team member   Unit contribution   % total   Remuneration
Videographer   160 (160 hrs)   32%   $6,400
Receptionist   160   32%   $6,200
Developer   100   20%   $4,000
Shareholder   80   16%   $3,200
TOTAL   500   100%   $20,000


Money is one currency across our lives. Being part of something that contributes to global harmony and happiness is another. The two are not exclusive of one another.

Imagine if this was a reality for businesses and organisations across the world...

EnSoul Business Hub - The power of collective intention and community

We've created the EnSoul Business Hub to help grow your business through the principles of unity and reciprocity of giving and receiving. The desire to support another flows deep within us. EnSoul's Business Hub provides a community that honors and actions the value of heart in business.

This collective intention and focus with like-minded businesses that also believe in empowerment, growth, consciousness and integrity, creates energy, power and potential.

How it works

A Business Hub is made up of businesses that have chosen to be part of the EnSoul Business Hub. There are a minimum of 8 members in a Hub.

One day a month, each member of the EnSoul Business Hub gives a fellow Hub member their focus, attention and support to help grow and support them. The opportunity is to benefit from the variety of skills, talents and attentions, of your peers and EnSoul's own team, that you may not have access to in your everyday or month!

You in turn provide support, skills and intention to the others in your business hub group.

The EnSoul Business Hub is intended to be a living, breathing, example of the power and magic of true community and collective intention.

When our ethics underlie our personal and global financial systems, 
the world will be a place in which people live rather than exist.

Where we are currently

The past 18months have seen a lot of love, energy and time invested to get Phase 1 of EnSoul completed. You could say a lot of heart and soul! Including:

  • Development of the beta phase of the Ensoul Webapp -
    • Wellbeing & Consciousness Resource including article and actions
    • Product Listing
    • Ailment database
    • Business Directory
  • Communications website completed
  • Robust social media resource library compiled ready for implementation

Where we're heading

We have BIG plans and lots of ideas to bring into being. These include:

  • Mobile app + notifications
  • 'My Universe' personal engagement tools eg journal, groups
  • Meditation Events
  • EnSoul Expression workbook - a beautifully crafted collaborative work of art
  • Online Course facility
  • Events Directory and more!

The foundation has been set, the intention stated, and we are moving into momentum and growth mode. While we have enormous passion and energy, we can't do it alone.

Want to be part of a new paradigm?

You can be. How do you want to play your part?

Wisdom & Advice?

We don't have all the answers but we do have lots of good ideas. Mentoring and alignments welcome!

Financial Support

Help us to reach more people, invest in technology, development, team remuneration, or repay our loans.

Brand Champion

Are you a network queen or king? Spread the word, endorse us, help us seed the vision in the world.

All of these!

None are exclusive to each other. 
We welcome all offers of support. How do you want to be a part?