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A soulful platform for your business

Imagine if you and your business had the full focus and attention of a group of people committed to supporting your success?

If the power of you was exponentially multiplied? What would that mean for your business? For your life?

Grow your business through community and service

The desire to support another flows deep within us all.
We know the power of intention and the increased power of collective intention. That's why we created the EnSoul Business Hub - to help grow your business through the principles of unity and reciprocity, of giving and receiving.

Be part of a community that honors and actions the value of heart in business.

How it works

A Business Hub comprises of businesses that have chosen to be part of the EnSoul Business Hub. They are committed to grow and serve, and share an ethos of empowerment, consciousness and integrity. There are a minimum of 6 members in a Hub.

A co-ordinator supports your Hub to come together on a specific day for each member, every month. On that day, every member of the EnSoul Business Hub gives a fellow Hub member their focus, attention and support. The opportunity is to benefit from the variety of skills, talents and attentions that you may not have access to in your everyday or every month.

You in turn provide support, skills and intention to the others in your business hub group on other specfied days in the month.

The EnSoul Business Hub is intended to be a living, breathing, example of the power and magic of true community and collective intention.

The power of community. The power of giving and receiving.

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