How do I get the most from this EnSoul website?

It’s a bit like life - the more you put in the more you get out!
You can engage fully with the site through liking, following, commenting, creating and actioning actions, posting the results of these actions, and of course uploading your own wisdom for others. Do you have products or services that would benefit global consciousness? Put them in front of an inspired and active seeking audience with a business membership.


How does it work?

Once you have registered, you can explore the content to discover what wisdom and actions will support you in your quest for a happier, healthier life. You can share your own wisdom by writing your own articles and providing actions for other readers.

The underlying foundation of EnSoul is Knowledge + Action = Change and Growth so using the actions associated with the articles will give you the greatest benefit. To implement an action, click ‘Use this Action’ in the panel directly under the article. Designate a start time and save. You’re ready to go.

You can also create your own action. Click ‘Create your own Action’ and get started.


How to Implement Actions

The Action button will take you directly to the actions relevant to the article. Here you can specify the date and timing for the action. You are also able to add, amend or delete actions. Once you have saved the action, it will be in your ‘My Actions’ where you can review and update any time.

Providing results feedback for your actions helps other members of the EnSoul Community and the author of the article.

To share your results

Go to 'My Actions' under profile picture and tick having completed. Complete the results of the actions and then rate your results and click COMPLETE THIS ACTION Button. Done!


How do I create an article?

You can also create articles to share your own wisdom. You will need to be a registered member to write an article. (If you're not a member, you'll be taken to the membership signup page).

To create an article, you'll need your wisdom (for content), a picture to support your writings, some keywords, a crisp interesting title, brief summary and action steps to inspire your readers. Including action steps for your articles supports your readers to get the most from your article. You will be prompted to include action steps at Step 3 in Create Article

Can I advertise and promote my products and services?

Absolutely Yes! With a Business Membership, you have the added opportunity to upload products and services in addition to content, as well as being listed in our comprehensive Directory Listing and Ailment Database

What level of commitment does it take?

You can engage with EnSoul as little or as often as you like. Content is constantly being uploaded so there will always be something new and of value to read and action. We are also committed to continually upgrade and extend our offerings for the EnSoul Community across all our platforms so stay engaged!


What cost is there now and in the future?

A Personal Membership is free as our intention is to ensure access to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom is accessible to all.

A Business Membership does cost and you have a monthly or annual fee payment option.

  • The annual fee is $275 USD/annum and is automatically renewed upon the anniversary of your membership.
  • The monthly fee is $25 USD/month and will continue until you unsubscribe.


What do I get for my membership?

Personal membership allows you to:
  • Write articles to share your wisdom and insights with the EnSoul community
  • Read and share articles from fellow EnSoul members across the world
  • Use the suggested action steps in your life or create your own
  • Share your experiences
  • Comment, follow and rate articles and authors
  • Find help on your journey


Business membership gives you:

All of the Personal Membership offerings plus

  • Unlimited product and service listing
  • Direct links to your shopping page
  • Author unlimited articles/blogs
  • Listing in the International Practitioner Listing
  • Extended Business Profile
  • Increased Google awareness with authentic website back links
  • Increased Search Engine rankings
  • Access to active customers
  • EnSoul Business Hub membership



Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, you can unsubscribe your membership at any time.

If you have a business membership and unsubscribe prior to the expiration date, no pro-rata refund will be made.


What information about me is shared publicly?

Some details of your profile are public. These include your profile picture, your ‘About Me’ summary, and your social media details.

Your birthdate, gender and email remain private. You have the option to opt out of completing these.

You can further specify your privacy settings in edit My Profile

For additional privacy details, refer to our Privacy Policy.


How do I report an article?

At the bottom of the article, you will see three menu dots  Click on these and it will send a report to our team.


Trouble Shooting

When I load my pictures, they appear rotated or the wrong orientation

This is due to the original image being incorrectly oriented. Use a picture editor to fix orientation and then retry uploading.


My pictures have a black background when uploaded but the original has a white background.

Your picture is probably a transparent image. Resave as a jpg and retry uploading.


I've published my article but it’s still showing in Draft Mode

Check the publish button in Step 4: Publish, is on – green. Then click SAVE AND VIEW


Other questions?

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