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Support us. Pay it forward.

Today, there is a growing awareness of, and a deeper yearning for, something that touches the soul 
- something that makes a difference.

You're invited to make a difference

As we hold the space and provide a foundation for the sharing of wisdom and conscious actions, work to create new paradigms and change world consciousness, we invite you to be a cog in the financial wheel for EnSoul.

Two paradigms we're consciously focused on is the value of service, and the principle of paying it forward. Where one reaps what one sows, but not necessarily in direct reciprocal relationship or the 'I do for you - you do for me' model. Instead, knowing that giving and receiving is more of a cyclical process of unfoldment and connection. That the reaping can come from a seemingly unconnected avenue.

How would you like to support?

Our immediate needs are:

  • As we move into the next stage of development, $10,000+ would go some way to keep our developer's focus so he's not lured away to financially greener pastures
  • Investment in technology $5,000 - $7500
  • Capital investment for growth or contribution to consolidate our financial base
  • Sponsor a team member - help keep the wheels of EnSoul greased and rolling!
  • Ongoing regular monthly donations in support of the vision

If you feel an alignment with the values and vision of EnSoul, and would like to be part of something to help the world via a financial contribution, here's your chance!


Financially support the development team to bring next phases into reality


Pay it forward and help us meet our team's technology needs so EnSoul can fly


Help build our financial foundation and invest in future growth and development


Help Becky pay her rent and buy her lentils...or sponsor Brett so he can be of more service


Support us with a regular donation and contribute to something world-changing


Believe in us, and happy for us to allocate your donation where we best see fit? Thanks!